Upgrade your HVAC(R) solutions with the most efficient low-noise EC axial fan.

Available in range 630-1000mm to fit any industrial HVAC(R) application
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Up to 10% more efficient than competitive solutions

Our Big-R solution is up to 10% more efficient than competitive solutions on the market. Check the savings calculation below for an example scenario of 10 operating Big-R units in the period of 15 years and we are sure it will convince you to consider and upgrade your applications with Hidria Big-R EC axial fans.

Calculate the savings for your HVAC(R) system and the ROI you can reach by implementing our Big-R solution

Enter the number of fans in your system, daily working hours, active months in the year, price of electricity and benchmark fan price to calculate the savings and ROI you can bring to your customers by implementing our axial fane in your HVAC(R) system.

Nominal fan power: 3000W
Benchmark Fan efficiency: 53%
Hidria Fan Efficiency: 61%
Daily working hours at 80% of full speed: 0
Expected lifetime: 15 years
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Low noise operation with state of the art blade design

State of the art blade design with self-adaptive light-weight blade geometry, special surface structure and glass fiber reinforced blade material results in extremely quiet operation, while keeping the fan very light.

Longer lifetime with patented solutions

Hidria Big-R has a number of innovative design advantages extending the lifetime of the fan. Patented thermal barrier is bringing lower ambient temperature to the electronic zone, extending electronic lifetime and allowing it to operate on higher ambient temperatures. Lamination design improvement with e-mobility motor design concept and robust enlarged solution of ball bearings with larger outside diameter and increased thickness lowers radial forces, increases de-balance resistance and makes it ready for hard ambient-working conditions.

Integrated connectivity and control

NFC and Bluetooth connectivity built-in for wireless connectivity, with preventive maintenance readiness. User friendly inverter unit allows for easy (single tool) mounting/dismounting of the complete inverter unit.

Hidria FanSelection interactive tool

Our new fan selection software Hidria FanSelection is the most practical interactive tool for choosing the optimal fan for your HVAC&R applications. Easily choose the fan model based on your requirements, define operation point of your unit and get complete technical data, drawings and 3D model of any fan in just one click.

Experience you can trust.

With more than 50 years of experience in the design and manufacturing of electrical motors and more than 20 years in axial fans, Hidria has longstanding experience you can depend and rely on.

Complete range of EC Axial Fans 300mm – 1000mm for every application

In addition to the 630mm-1000mm Big-R range, Hidria offers EC Axial fans with diameters starting from 300mm, allowing us to offer you solutions suitable for an even wider range of applications.

We can quickly customize it for your HVAC(R) system

Our EC axials fans are fully customizable and adaptable to reach the best result in any working condition. We can quickly customize it for your specific application. Let’s schedule a virtual demo call and we can show you how you can improve your industrial HVAC(R) solutions with Hidria Big-R.

Enough talking. Let’s improve the efficiency of your HVAC(R) systems.

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